Karilyn Casperson

Birth Doula

Why I joined Supporting West Ashley

In joining the Supporting West Ashley group I hope to deepen the connection with this place that I now call home. Being a transplant from Colorado/Maine I find it important to plant my own roots in this community and be able to be part of it as it continues to grow. I am so excited to join this budding group of amazing caregivers!

Why I became a Birth Doula

My goal in becoming a birth doula is to help empower women and their families to achieve the best possible outcome for the birth of their little one(s).

I personally had two very different “natural” births of my own. The common factor was that we hired a doula for both. I truly believe my goals would not have been met had I not had the support of those women. After my second was born I knew I had to help others. With the support of my family, I completed the Matrona Birth Doula training in November 2018. I am excited to get started and hope to be taking clients in the fall of 2019.

How do I do it

The experience of pregnancy and birth has changed a great deal over the years. I believe women can and do have safe, physiologic and memorable birth(s). whether it be in a hospital, birth center or at home with a midwife, how you choose to birth is how I will support you.

What I do

My priority in becoming a birth doula is to provide a calming presence for mama and partner. I will help facilitate your hopes and be there to support you physically and mentally.

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