Tarah Herrington

West Ashley Intuitive Healing and Acupuncture

Why I joined Supporting West Ashley

I joined Supporting West Ashley because I want to be a part of a cohesive group that has the same vision and goal of supporting our community. I also joined the group because I want to surround myself with fellow practitioners for professional friendships and collaborations to better serve all of our patients/clients.

Why I am Well Round Healing

I am Well Rounded Healing because I blend several modalities into one to bring the most authentic “well rounded” healing experience for those looking for change and transformation.

How do I do it

I connect with my patients and build a relationship with them in order to treat from a place of trust.  I connect through listening to them, hearing their whole entire story so that I can then treat from a place of understanding.  This connection through listening allows the patient to download and prepare to old patterns in our healing session.

What I do

I collaborate with my patients through their healing journey.  I hold their hand, I nurture, I offer information and hold space. 

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